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I was under the assumption that public ownership of firearms was illegal for the most part in Australia I'm sure there's some sort of exceptions, but I know that they're extremely heavily regulated there Amateur vid badongo At 8:40-8:53 there was a camera on your tv!!! The tv look at the tv rebeccas twin was on the tv. Lol it is only if you have blue tooth on or not I love how in the title tal just put ftemily and not gis brother 6:28 As much as I hate dislike Apple as a company, I still cringe when tech get destroyed Im happy that u guys that ur guys are on good terms I love the vlogs Im glad that lizzy are in some vlogs Attention to the clock on 2:23 oh my gooooood james. Jb tk Ms dhoni ha team main match serf india jeetay ge 諡 !!賱 諤 鴞窶窸 貐蛭渥!!渥渥 儢木 桿資筏貐 篣圉未 諻月木貒 窸 諤蛟!!埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰埠痰 You are amazing guys!! I really like this song . After pubg game release, gun videos which had a max view of 1k to 2k also are now having followers in millions
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