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Ecuadorean pussy porn So, I did my researchCaptain Treasure Jones: Captain Jones was the last captain to sail the Queen Mary and was at the helm when she made her final voyage on Halloween 1967 and into Long Beach harbor on December 9th 1967 Peter James reported that Captain Jones loved to smoke a good cigar and that at times the smell of cigar smoke can still be detectedJohn Pedder: John was an 18 year old crewman who, in 1967 was crushed to death at the now Infamous door #13 in shaft alley There are two tales of his death, one being that’s he was late getting to the door but tried to make it through anyway and was killed Another has him playing chicken with other crew members and failed the game There is another tale of a John McKenzie being killed by this same door in 1942 This tale also says that he may have been held there by others when the door closed He may not have been well likeDana: A young girl who was murdered possibly in B-474 with her entire family by her Father Her two little sisters and her mother were found strangled on the bed while Dana and her father were found dying in the bathroom with gunshot wounds Dana now likes to play in the archives and cargo area and also is heard calling for her mother Dana has often been heard in the boiler room area and even the second class poolCary: Another little girl reported to play in the boiler room and pool area but no other info is available at this timeThe Lady in White: She is a young and beautiful woman who; it has been reported; likes to dance to unheard music in the Queens Salon; at one time the main lounge She wears a white or off white evening gown It is said that the piano that now resides in the piano bar near the hotel lobby originally was housed in the main lounge and reports of this ghostly beauty have also been reported in the lobby area of the ship I myself have seen the white lady at around 3:00am coming down the stairs into the lobby area I ran after her as she left the ship into the elevator area but when I got there she had vanished Two people waiting for the elevator said they didn't see anyone come out thereWilliam Eric Stark: Was One of the ships officers who was waiting to entertain a couple of the ships officers after they came off their watch Stark mistakenly grabbed a Gin bottle which actually contained a strong cleaning fluid (tetrachloride) William Stark added lime juice to it and began to drink while awaiting the other crewman Apparently Stark realized his mistake but didn't really take it to seriously and in fact even joked about it with the other two officers when they arrived A short time later William Stark became increasingly ill and within four days of drinking the fluid he was dead Starks Ghost has been reportedly seen in and near the Captain’s cabin on the main deck and the Promenade Also, choking sounds have been reported which some people attribute to William StarkJackie: (Jacqueline Torin) A little girl who is said to be 5 or 6 years old and believed to have drowned in the second class pool This area is now the Royal Theater Jackie likes to play in both pool areas of the ship Jackie is said to have wandered the ship for the past sixty years by the late Peter James Jackie can be heard singing, laughing, giggling, calling for her mommy and daddy and even audibly answering questionsSarah: She is believed to be between 6 and 8 years old and reportedly guards Jackie She possibly drowned in the pool in 1949 according to Peter James Another theory is that Jackie and Sarah were murdered, possibly by the ghost referred to as Grumpy Sarah can be heard singing with Jackie and has been known to be temperamental and even slightly aggressive at times The late Peter James stated that he was slapped by Sarah late one night I have never encountered Sarah being anything but pleasant to me Peter even said after Sarah got use to him she was very pleasantGrumpy: (Real identity unknown) Dubbed Grumpy by Bob Davis of Planet Paranormal Also called “Grumpy the Growling Ghost” because of his habit of growling at people He usually resides in the little room under the stairs in the first class swimming pool but he has also been heard in all other areas of the pool, as well as the boiler room area and even the hallways leading to the pool It is not know why he growls but evp's have been captured at the same time as his growls and the voice sounds very similar My feeling is that he is trying to be scary, but that he does it more like a joke Whenever I have witnessed this happening to other investigators (many, many times) they always have the same reaction Shock, fear and then laughterCigarette smoke has also been smelled back in the closet area he seems to frequent under the stairs in the pool John Henry: A boiler room worker who remains were found in the double bottom of the ship’s hull just outside the gated area of the Green Room adjacent to the boiler room There is also said to be another vortex in this area A vortex is a supposed area that spirits cross back and forth from our world to the next John Henry has been seen as a shadowy figure that lurks in the boiler room and green room area He has been seen looking down into the hole in the ceiling of the green room and darting around EVPs have been captured as well that are attributed to John Henry The woman in bathing suit: She has been reported as a woman who is in her late twenties to mid thirties and wears a bathing suit consistent with the style worn in the late 1930's She has been seen walking around the pool and then vanishing She has been seen on both the upper and lower levels of the first class pool The wet foot prints that appear around the pool may be activity related to this spirit but obviously we can’t know this for sure It has however been reported that after this ghostly swimmer has been sighted the foot prints also were spotted I myself have found water in fairly large amounts around the pool but have no way to know if it was paranormal Jeremy: Another spirit reported by the late Peter James is that of a boy who he has witnessed playing with Jackie but whose identity can’t be verified He can be heard speaking audibly and laughing with Jackie Fedora Dude: This is a disturbing specter seen by both my eldest sister and myself He is an extremely tall man who wears what looks almost like a yellowish tan “zoot suit” with a Yellow fedora His eyes are yellow and his teeth rotten One night at about 3:30 am he passed extremely close to us in the lobby area and upon passing us gave the creepiest grin that we both can still see to this day He went around the corner and down the hall Sensing something was strange I immediately ran to the corner of the hall (about five feet) to get another look at him In the time it took me to run five feet he was half way down the long hallway of the ship He was striding slowly down the hall with one hand in his pocket He turned and smirked at me and continued to stroll down the hall I turned away to see if my sister had followed me and turned right back around and in that split second he was gone Jack and Terrance: Two WWII soldiers who frequent the 1st class pool area They are always together and it is believed they died together while making a crossing during the war Activity manifested Viagra online is; tugging at clothing and encountering intense heat when they are around and reports of them saying their names They are a lesser known part of the spirit side of the Queen Mary's 1st class swimming pool, due to all the focus on Jackie and Sarah The Dude: In Sir Winston’s there is a spirit people call “The Dude” not to be confused with “Fedora Dude” The dude is a well dressed man in tails and top hat, with slicked backed hair who enjoys the bar area He usually will walk up behind people sitting at the bar, clears his throat until he is seen and then turns and vanishes through the wall into the men's restroom Daniel: Daniel is a little boy of 5 or 6 years of age people like to call the Blue Boy He is often witnessed on the Promenade deck near the stairway and shops and has been seen in the observation bar He seems to be looking for his parents and is always wearing blue, Edwardian clothing He has been spotted by Robert Wlodarski, Peter James and numerous other guests It is believed he roams other areas of the ship as well David and Sarah: Rob Wlodarski has made contact with them through séance in the 1st class pool and Sir Winston's They are looking for their two children They usually travel together and will answer questions if you address them using their namesI hope this shed at least some light on the subject for you guys! 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The problem with radical environmentalists pushing the United States to risk ruining its economy in order to stop using fossil fuels are numerous Whether you believe it or not, the fact is the US has done a magnificent job in cleaning up its air and water pollution in the last 40-50 years Anyone who remembers SMOG can tell you how much cleaner the air is now than it was 50 years ago Most of the improvement has come at great cost to the American consumer From the cost of catalytic converters in every car to mandates that cars get triple and quadruple the mileage they used to, the price of autos themselves along with the price of gasoline and gasoline taxes have risen dramatically The cost for corporations to change to clean manufacturing facilities has been enormous and most of that cost has been ultimately borne by consumers as well Americans aren't complaining about making these sacrifices and in fact most Americans understand the necessity of living in a world with clean air and water But the idea that the world is going to clean up its air by forcing the US into further environmental changes is ludicrous Much of the world's air pollution comes from factories in China and India, both of which continue to get a pass because they are considered "developing economies" that can't afford the expense of environmental concern Before anything substantial is going to change in the area of rising sea levels (which the producer of this video hasn't truly proven), China and India are going to have to clean up their acts and the United States is going to have to be seen as one of the leaders in reducing CO2 emissions because it has been Most of the far left's suggestions (which are becoming demands), including AOC's New Green Deal, would bankrupt the country, and a bankrupt country can never make the environment one of its major priorities Housing, feeding and clothing the population would become all-consuming pastimes Strong economies create an environment that fosters freedom for the people and free people make sure their countries don't destroy the world Put that in your pipe and smoke it Welcome back to Pyro never changes his shirt Gay veteran of iraq Ass adult reviews Teens wetting pants. 9ye ye wrong he hmne camera soxha tha tm haaar gye ho ullu Ok the aj raid annoyed people But it wasn't really a big problem
I wish Laura Post (Ahri's voice actress) was singing in this music video 2001 kids rise up can y’all believe we graduated. Be excellent to each other and Party on dudes!! Why does this video have so many dislikes Naked massage st lous wap dating site They aren't going to care what you call you call New Orleans, the people are as laid back as you can be Don't pee in public is a good rule for any city Here's a couple of tips I'll add:Don't let your guard down - In the French quarter there are scammers, pickpockets, and thieves everywhere A fool and his money will soon be partedDon't eat at the touristy spots - The locals will be happy to tell you where to go to get your cajun/creole grub on The touristy stuff is far more expensive, and not as goodAlso, the scam isn't "You got your shoes on Bourbon street" Its "You got your shoes on your feet"Be aware that your cab ride to Bourbon street will not reflect what you'll be charged for your ride back to your hotel They WILL try to jack that price up significantly Uber would probably be a better bet It's a FUN town, but my advice is go when Mardis Gras isn't going on Its WAY too crowded. Not my cup of tea but I admire that you did something different Crazy talented you are man Making a penis pump best free hookup apps That was a different project zorgo member, there are hundreds of project zorgo members Sexy online porn vids. I believe there will be a second Civil Rights War 7:52 “and I am SO proud of this community” You are a great singer and everyone has their own unique voice and I think it is beautiful
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